Tuff Duck material?

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Nov 17, 2006
I have a pair of soft doors I'm re-covering...I'd like to find some beige tuff duck material to match the bikini and rollbar covers, but can't find a supplier...I really don't want to buy another bikini just to cut it up to get material...anyone have any ideas?
Do you have a local upholstery shop? They might sell you some.
I've tried everywhere....no luck yet...
Try a Boat shop or awning shop.

My plan is to skin my half doors with 22GA sheet metal and paint them to match the Cruiser. Less chance of a branch puncture in the brush. Just a thought.
My rear seat has a Duck cover, and it has really faded bad from the sun, I don' t know if i'd replace it without knowing that the fabric had a good UV protectant.
If you are near the water, try a sail loft.
The heavy Dacron is designed for sails so it should hold up well.

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