Tucson Wheeling - 7 Feb..... (Italian Trap)

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Sep 16, 2002
Tucson, AZ
Proposing a quick trip up to the Italian Trap on Saturday, 7 Feb.

This will be stocker friendly run, driving up a flowing riverbed to some watery pools. Picnic there

We will meet at the Circle K (Tanque Verde Rd) at 0800. Back to the same spot by 3:30.

We can take stockers with not trouble. People wanting more serious action at Three Feathers can be accommodated as well.

Post up - hope to see you. Also, be aware there is a run on the 8th as well (I am sorry I will miss it)

Hope to see you -



Sounds good , see you there.

This will be kid-friendly - I am bringing my daughter and one or two of her friends.

Thanks -

Anyone else going? Should be a nice day, and lots of water in the trap!

Look forward to seeing you all. Bring your water shoes!

See you at 0800 at Circle-K on Tanque Verde Road

Circle K
11271 E Tanque Verde Rd & N Rebecca Ave
Tucson - NE, AZ 85749-8490

Doug - Thanks for the RSVP.

Look forward to the trip. See you in a couple hours.
We had a great (fast) trip - Wilma83 is still out there.....

Smaller groups move fast. There was LOTS of water at the Trap.

Here's a slideshow of the event:

http://s1298.photobucket.com/user/Rocky_LC/slideshow/Italian Trap Feb 2015

Good to see / meet everyone.

P1010017 (Medium).JPG
I made it up Three Feathers without bending anything...you coulda too Wilma.

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