SOLD Tucson 7X Series PTO Shift Handle

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Feb 15, 2006
United States
$80 shipped
It’s yours John

Do you know anyone who travels between Tucson and Phoenix or would you like me to drop it in the mail.
Not sure Sean, need to call Tim about some parts and would be down in the next or so if I come down. Can PayPal now or what ever way you want to be paid.
Doesn’t matter to me. Let me know if you are heading to Tim’s. $60 if I meet up with you. I could get it to Phoenix for less than 10 if I have to mail it so maybe $70
Sean I want to verify that email starts out with a capital T? Thought emails were all lower case. Will pay to have it mailed, easier than arranging a met up. Once verify email will send friends and family.
Figured that was the case which is why I asked. Payment sent. I'll message you the address.
Item arrived today. Another step closer to creating a second late 40 series PTO shifter. This piece while a little shorter would be the hardest piece to make by hand. On off is just a label that can come off for two direction.

Thanks, John

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