Truckfest this weekend

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Mar 22, 2008
Cumming, Ga.
I think I may load up the Fam and head over...something free/fun to do.
Not sure on the timing though. The little guys dictate our schedule!
I'm meeting Tom and Robert at the Waffle house off McFarland at 9:30 if anyone is interested in caravaning, be at the TF about 10:30
I'll be there in the afternoon. Outside stuff in the morning before it gets to hot.
kind of a bust, even more watered down than last year.

if you like Jeeps...this is your place. If you like wheels...good deals! If you like lights...worthless as most are, there were plenty to choose from. tires--yep, bling on mall crawlers--a lot of it. a handful of real trucks but most had so much bolt on crap it was a joke.

If you like real off road gear, forget it, a waste of time. You'd think that a local steel tube, CO2 or welding vendor would love this show but not one to be seen. Hi-Lift had a small booth which was really busy and the only locker I saw was at the ARB booth.

the saving grace was I got a new winch controller for $17, usually about $50. Had it not been for that there's was not much purpose other than burning an hour.
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I totally agree - was basically a large 4WP (which I'm not the biggest fan).
Lots of jeeps + a few huge Fords/Chevys
But fun to go waste some time/get out of the house.

Superlift (I think) had a nice looking 4 door green/bright orange JK, but not sure it had ever seen the dirt.

Fav rig was prob the Rancho Crawler...potentially an old TJ w a new body. Looked like a fun rig, had the fuel cell + ARB fridge taking up the whole back end.

Interco has a new ATV tire - Black Mamba - looked pretty crazy!
3 cool things I saw. Almost plunked down on some Hella HID's but my light bar will be in soon

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