Troubleshooting speedometer problem



Problem with speedometer in my 87' FJ60. Problem is- it doesnt work. Every once in a while it will bounce around, but 99% of the time, no worky.

This is my 4th Cruiser (40,55,60,60), but the first with non working speedo, I havent crawled under to look for the easy stuff yet. Like maybe it has worked loose from the tranny. Anyone have anything particular to look for or try? If the cable needs replacing, how bad is the job?

Thanks, Hodag


Jul 13, 2003
My speedo was (note past tense) wierd for a long time. Worked fine, until I'd driven for awhile and it warmed up. Then it read too high. In hot weather, it read high nearly all the time. I replaced the cable, no difference. ($60 down the drain). Decided to live with it. 2 yrs go by. Speedo and odo stop working. Speedo cable broken. Replaced it, but was thinking that there was a problem to fix....pulled the speedo out of the dash....sprayed the gears/etc extensively with brake cleaner. Now works fine. Theory - dirt had accumulated over the years, and had fawked up the magnetic heads on the speedo.

Based on my experience, you could replace the cable and clean the head. 2 hrs of work max. (I work slow.)

If your odo works fine, then it's probably not the cable. Then you could just clean the head and see how that works.
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