Trouble with gauges

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Feb 16, 2012
Missoula, Montana
So my gauges in my '70 FJ55 worked fine, with the exception of my speedo which is about 10mph off, something I have got used. A few months ago I switched out fuses and since then my oil pressure gauge doesn't work, my temp guage gets up to the bottom dash when warmed up, my ammeter doesn't work. In addition my charge light is on all the time now and my e-brake light intermittently comes on for no reason (without e-brake engaged). What is going on?

Is it possible that the voltage regulator on the back of the gauges is bad all of the sudden, I can't seem to find anything.

voltage regulator is under the hood. do you have oversized tires? that would explain the speedo being off.
when you swapped fuses, you may have broken the "contact" between the fuse and the block. take some sandpaper to the fuse clips on the block and buff the clips till they shine, then put the new fuses back in and see what happens

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