Travelogue: Offroad 4x4 trip in Thailand by rental car

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Feb 6, 2013

We had a wonderful off-road adventure in Thailand. It's been quite a while, but while rummaging through my data I stumbled across photos and our travel diary - and have incorporated this into a travelogue.

The country offers a lot, apart from fords, rivers, dusty and muddy tracks. We were there in the dry season, in December - in the rainy season (May to October) many of our dirttracks would not have been possible at all, with a rental car with street tires.

Friends of ours were on our tracks in 2018 in January and are still raving about their trip on their own.

Outside the tourist areas, you can experience a much more untouched Thailand.

Probably it is more a teaser than a travelogue. I try to show that we can live an adventure, without a lot of preparation or even to own a 4x4.

And that you even dont have to spend a lot of $$$, to get addicted by that way of travelling, an 4x4 overlanding adventure. To travel solo abroad, without beiyng in a group - is part of the adventure in my eyes.

Link: Travel tip: a 4x4 adventure in Thailand by rental car -

The article is also available in german language


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