Transmission problem

Apr 4, 2003
Lately, i have had some difficulty with my transmission in my 92 FJ80. Sometimes when i shift from park into drive, the truck will shift but will not move forward without using the accellerator. when the truck does move, there is a fairly loud clunk and a jolt. I checked the fluid level but it seemed OK. I shifted from low to high but that did not help . the certer locker is not engaged (at least the light is not on). Any ideas?
Apr 17, 2003
On the catwalk.
Is this the same 80 you are trying to sale and if so are you the original owner? Or did you but it last week and are you quickly coming to the realization that this thing is a monypit and you’re trying to cut your losses?

Either way the service history and any mods that you may have will be a welcome bit of info.

If it has enough fluid in it and you know that it is good (like been changed at least once since new) then you probably have something funky going on. That is a fair bit of slippage however the clunk could be coming from another place in your driveline.

Either way Auto trannies are not the easiest thing in the world to work on….
Hence the need for Tranny shops.
Mar 28, 2003
I had the exact same problem. The clunking can be attributed to the Ujoints, rear dif(slop/backlash), X-fer case or any combination of the three. In mine it is the rear diff, common, can get by for a while with some tlc but needs to be addressed in the near term. Check all if you haven't done so already.
As far as the hesitation goes, for me it was a rear drum problem. Are you using thr e-brake regularly? if not, it can get stuck and require adjustment/lube. In mine the rear &nbsp:DS grease seal failed and filled the drum with grease. Changed out both sides, cleaned, ok for a while. Then started getting the same symptoms you describe, hesitation from P and clunk and jolt. Pulled off both drums and measured for serviceability. Both sides were just outside of max diameter(297mm/11.7"?) completely disassembled,cleaned and rebuilt both sides(new drums, pads, springs,wheel cylinders,etc..OEM), lubed adjusters, adjusted all and flushed with new brake fluid and no more problem.
I would post a step by step, but the FSM has it covered.
If you need additional tips,tricks send a PM. all in all a

:D :D :D :banana: :banana: and 12x :beer: job. HTH


Mar 27, 2003
Chapel Hill, NC
I've had an odd issue too... when shifted into D is has virtually no power to go, almost as if I were stepping on the brake and trying to accelerate at the same time. I move to N, then back to D and all is well. This has happened only 3 times, but each time on a trail. Any thoughts?

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