transmission clicking noise

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Aug 3, 2009
Denver, CO
Hey everyone out there, got a naggin issue with my fairly new to me stock 1994 80. It has about 160000 miles on it and i have done alot of the pm work such as fluids, belts, new breaks, and front axle service. So here is the problem when coming to a stop right before the transmission down shifts from 2nd to 1st there is a clicking noise, then when acclerating there is a equivalnt clicking noise before shifting from first to second. The noise happens every time and also happens when starting in 1st and manualy shifting from first to second. There is no sound when coming to a stop if i put the tranny in N before it downshifts from first to second.
When is the last time you changed the U joints? I also had a clicking noise from the rear of the vehicle and I narrowed it down to my rear U joints. I just changed the U joints yesterday and the clicking has disappeared.

Get under the vehicle and shake the shaft side to side. There should be no movement at all. You will get some play from turning the shaft but there should no side to side movement.
Thanks for the info, I have been busy with work and not able to get on to check any of the advice but I will look into the ujoints. I will let you know how it goes.
x3 on the ujoints.

My 'funny tranny noise' only occurs in R, 1 & 2 gear (at idle). I get a whirling rotational bushing noise. Goes away above 900rpms or so... I'm clueless? (sorry for the hijack)
the noisy first gear? is that normal because i have yet to pinpoint the problem.

First gear on these rigs is noticeably noisier than the rest, due to the more robust, differently cut gear. Sort of sounds like a manual tranny in reverse: (whir whir whir whir whir whir...)

Get to where you're used to that, and then decide whether you indeed have a problem.

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