trans/transfer noise

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Mar 19, 2006
Fort Collins, CO
I've searched and read, and of course nobody's symptoms exactly mimic mine, so why not start a new thread, right?

My H42 and transfer case are original, 191,000 miles, no rebuilds, no added lines between the fill plugs, etc. Everytime I check the gear oil levels, they are perfect. Fluids changed about 20,000 miles ago, no metal shavings.

Just lately, I've noticed a rotational noise from right by my shift lever. Clutch in or out, any gear, going forward but not reverse, I get a "whump, whump, whump" that seems to be in tune with the gears turning. Does not seem to be wheel related, as it doesn't happen in reverse. I can really hear it well as I'm coasting to a stop. Brakes do not change it. At speeds above about 35 mph, the whumps blend together and are not as noticeable.

A separate noise, only in 4th gear, is an airy noise, like wind, but definitely from the trans/transfer area. This does not seem to be the whine some get when the transfer needs a rebuild.

One of these days I'll get an H55, and do the transfer rebuild, clutch, rear main at the same time. But for now, any ideas? Is my transmission about to shut down on me?

Thanks for any help, and for your patience with another "WTF is this noise" thread.
Can you only hear it or do you also feel it through the shifter. If so I would guess it bearings in the shifter. SOR and or MAF make an inexpensive rebuild kit.
Thanks for the reply, REKCUT.

I don't really feel it through the shifter. I do feel some vibrations there, but nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing in tune with the noise I'm hearing.

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