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Sep 26, 2002
I have a 78 fj40 with stock 4speed transmission and transfer case. Will a transfer case from 81 bj42 work on my transmission. Is there any differences?
I believe the 81 would have the split case, which would not match with the 78 tranny due to output shaft spline differences...can anyone confirm??
brian is correct-E-1980 4sp take a one piece transfer and 1981+ take a "split case" transfer. &nbsp:Different bolting patterns, 16 spline (E) vs 19 spline (L).

no can do.
Can do if you completely dissasemble the trans and replace the output with a 19 spline shaft. There are issues with the seal on the splitcase so you need to have the correct year. Early is better (81). There may be a work around for the later years t-case but I have not done it yet.

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