Trail Tailor has a new Tough Dog retailer

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    Sherpa Offroad in Denver,CO is now an authorized Trail Tailor and Tough Dog retailer and installer. They support the GX470, GX460 and FJCs more than I do, so it will make for a good relationship and allow more and more of these great Tough Dog products to be used in the wild as another suspension and component offering.

    Nick and Austin will be initiating a start up group buy for the above platforms and for those not involved with GXOR- GX Offroad FaceBook group feel free to contact me for these items as well.

    ToughDog is no newcomer to the suspension market. Tough Dog was started in 1984 and with over 34 years of hands on engineering, design and usage from the owner and 100s of years combined of the same credentials and experience from his management/design staff.

    Happy to help the guys at Sherpa and for all of you as well. Group buy pricing will be available shortly.


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