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I regret trading off my 74 FJ40.... So I'm trying to see if there are any 75 or older FJ's out there that would want to trade for my 1968 Ford Cortina turbo. It's insured to $19K and is the rarest ride at any car meet/show. Extremely fun to drive, but I want to be back in an FJ40. I'm in San Diego, CA

• Ford Cortina Deluxe 1600 2 door
• 1600 cc DOHC 16 v Turbo Motor EFI
• 5 speed with locker atlas diff 3.89 gears
• Megan coilovers, fully adjustable front and rear
• HRE 3 piece rims, classic 505's. Tires new in the rear and 60% tread in front.
• Full roll cage cabin to trunk
• Sparco racing seats and 5 piece harness
• 1973 Capri rack and pinion steering and short axle crossmember (same as MK1 Escort)
• 1973 Capri brakes front and rear. Front disk, rear drum.
• Dual reservoir master cylinder
• 2.75" down pipe and exhaust v-ban ran past rear diff.
• Sheepybuilt custom turbo kit with T3 Garrett and front mount intercooler.
• Turbo Smart waste gate and blowoff
• ACT Stage 3 clutch
• MegaSquirt ECM
• 1992 Merkur XR2 Capri motor rebuilt 10 months ago. Basically Mazda was building the European Ford engines at this time. So it's a Mazda engine.
• Mazda Miata 5 speed transmission and intake.
• 460cc fuel injectors
• 8 gallon aluminum fuel cell
• Average 28 mpg


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