Wanted Toyota Tacoma 4x4 and Motorcycles

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United States
Looking to buy 2007 or newer Toyota Tacoma 4x4 diesel, manual transmission, low miles and in good shape. Also nice late model Motorcycles 250 c.c. and up. Also needed, midwest and westcoast shipper to Costa Rica. Thanks.
No diesel Tacoma's that I am aware of... I think you are confusing Tacoma and Hilux (not available in US).
Thanks Critter for your reply. No, I am not confused. We have plenty of Hilux´s here in Costa Rica. I am looking for Tacoma´s for import. They sell as fast as we can get them here. So, do they offer the Tacoma in a diesel in the U.S.? Also, looking for street Motos, 250 c.c. and up. Honda, Yamaha and Harley´s. Thanks again.
We do not get diesels(Toyotas) in the US.
Thanks Phishtaco. I can also use the Tocoma gas burners. They do not sell Tocomas here. I understand the diesels not being in the U.S. Thanks why the early model FJ and Bj series is so popular for export from Costa Rica and other latin countries. Thanks for your help.
Try TTORA (google it) or ebay...

That is the point I was trying to make no such thing as a diesel Tacoma.

I live in Grenada right now where the dealer sells Hilux's, but there are a few imported Tacoma's running around. I am not sure I understand the appeal, most people in the US would love to get a diesel with a manual transmission in a 4 door 4x4, none of that combination is possible in a Tacoma. Can't get a 4 door Tacoma with a manual transmission, can't get a diesel Tacoma, etc. Is it just because they are different?
I've got this. 03 xr650 street legal and digital read out, desert tank 4.5gal
xr650 001.jpg
xr650 002.jpg
pmed you

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