Tow dolly big enough for the 60?

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Jan 18, 2004
Austin, TX
In a couple weeks, I'll be taking my 85 60 from Austin to Dallas for a V8 conversion. I COULD drive it......but I don't really trust it for that long distance and the inspection is expired and gas consumption would be enormous. So, I'd like to tow it up. Trying to figure out the best way to do that........Uhaul tow dollies are too light duty for the 60. What are my options?
Use Penske, not U-haul, and use a full trailer. You will have to lie about the truck and don't bother with insurance cause it won't be covered if you use their trailer for a truck that is not rated for the trailer.

I towed my 60 from TX to IN no problems. Plus it was behind the largest Penske trucks.

It should be no proble.

Like benji said, dont use a tow dolly. I woudl either flat tow it or get a trailer from a friend or rent one. (If you rent one you will have to either lie or get a renter who doesnt care.) I had to lie to pull my 63 bel air behind my 4runner, it worked out, but did have to get teh guy to put down a toyota "other" rather than a 4runner.

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