Torque needed: front output shaft "castle nut" `66 fj40 (1 Viewer)

Mar 28, 2009
Hey all. I'm replacing a leaky front output shaft seal, and fixing speedo housing leak at same time. From what I gather here, the torque spec on those big castle nuts is 94/lbs? That doesn't make sense to me only cuz one needs to set a cotter pin, which could vary the torque by quite a bit to get the hole lined up. I haven't found a spec for the output shaft "castle nut", only this:
Xfer Output Front Shaft Nut 90 f/lb
Parking Brake Drum Nut 90 f/lb
I only know of one nut that holds the parking brake drum on, so that has to be it. Looking for verification on this one before I possibly squish something.
Got my big torque wrench standing by if so.
Thanks much

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