Top corner pads......SOR hardtop kit.....

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Apr 29, 2012
Bend, OR
can anyone explain, or better yet provide pictures of exactly how this piece fits into the weathersealing of the hardtop.

part number 4

mine is a 1978 and for the life of me i cannot figure it out. is this for a different model year and just extra in my kit.

and if it does belong, does it fit under the fiberglass top and the door rail, or can i place it by removing the whole hardtop and sides?


ps i have done the search, there are many post, but none explain exactly where it goes.
Thanks. I have looked that thread over from beginning to end. A lot of great info, but nothing that shows that particular piece. In one of the other breads aatlas comments on the piece, but doesnt offer up any more info on its placement. Thanks for your time though, it is appreciated.

Pad Location

I ran accross this picture of a top disassembly that I did with the pad locaton. This picture is the front corner of the fiberglass top upside down. I hope it makes sense to you. I have to take pictures to remember how things go back together.
2011-08-27 12.30.04.jpg
Can someone please confirm if this is the correct location for this pad, for older fj40's as well as newer models.

I can confirm it but I had something that looked like that in that location when I disassembled mine a couple of months ago.

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