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Mar 16, 2013
Charlotte, NC
Hey there everybody. I'm very close to getting a 40 for my first car. I want to be able to work on it and fix and maintenance it on my own (of course I'll need lots of help from everyone on mud). I know I'm gonna have lots of problems but I'm ready for it. Anyways I was wondering if y'all could make a good solid list of all or most of the tools that I'll need to work on my 40 and what it's used for (I know it sounds stupid but just so I'll be sure)? I'd really appreciate I if you could help me. I have some small stuff but not much (I also don't want to go broke buying expensive tools). If you have any tools that I would need that you don't need or are getting rid of it would be greatly appreciated if you'd pass them along my way. Thanks for your time and please let me know.
Jan 22, 2007
Alva, Fl.
Scissors jack plus stands, wheel chocks, Complete set of metric wrenches & Sockets, LOTS of KROIL, #2 & #3 Philips screw drivers, Lots of Kroil, Daubert NoxRust, M10x1.25 and M8x1.25 taps--plug and bottoming, lots of Kroil, bunch of 14 ga. wire(wht,grn/red/black/blue) terminal ends, Ohmmeter, vac gauge, MIG welder----a direct line to Claudia/FJ450Jim/LostMarbles/Pin-Head/Poser, and all the other helpful MUD members---+$

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