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Jan 16, 2003
Alright everyone, I am getting the required paperwork together to send to TLCA and in doing so I have to provide TLCA Member #'s to them. If you have already paid your dues for ONSC could you please provide your TLCA Member number in a post so I can send our roster with club info on it?

This will keep things moving forward towards TLCA sanctioning and in turn organizing a possible TLCA/ONSC event in the coming year.

Please if at all possible provide your name and number.

I am aware that alot of you have these in your profiles but I know some may not be current and thats why I ask that you provide the information in a post.

Reminder: Make sure you are current on your number.

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I think you have my number, but just in case... And I'm current.

TLCA 17985

10568 and current.
17351 , Brian Keefer

I need to send in my renewal though...
Allen Dickenson - #6318
Michael Shealy
TLCA #14568
Chad Hamon
I am new member....

just registered.
Thank you!
My TLCA member no. is: 17635
New member information

Hi All,

New member.

Brad Flanary
TLCA: 18745
All current now, and for 2 years....

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