TLCA dash plaques going bye bye?

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Apr 14, 2004
BOD has been bouncing around e-mails while I was gone suggesting getting rid of the time-honored TLCA dash plaque for 2010 in an effort to further cut costs. They have asked chapter reps to take this back to the chapters for their comments. Right now the main option being considered is dropping it altogether. Other delegates have chimed in with an 'opt out' option for those who want to out out of getting the plaque, while others are suggesting [without much support] cutting the dues to match the missing plaque.

We can certainly talk about this at the next meeting, but I thought I'd throw it out here as well.
They should maybe charge a little more, say $2.00 added to the dues, if one wanted a plaque.
Just a question, how many people actually put these things on their dash? There is so little real estate available I can't imagine putting one of these, for the TLCA none the less, actually ON my dash. Or am I missing the point?

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