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Apr 27, 2011
I have a T3 Classique i installed last year. All of the photos I have found of rigs on this forum and on TJM's site show a rubber bead like strip between the body of the 100 and the bumper. This includes other TJM bumpers like the T15. My kit did not have it and TJM claims they do not offer it. Has anyone's TJM bumper come with it or have you added it?

The other difference I have found is my Bull Bar hoop does not have antennae mounts like the ones pictured on their site.
You need to buy that separately. I got mine from McMaster-Carr.
I see you received and installed your TJM T-13. Mine arrives in a week or so. What problems and/or other parts would you recommend I purchase to install. Above you mentioned needing "rubber strips" from McMaster-Carr?? Little lost on exactly what you guys mean by rubber strips or rubber washers or ?. Thanks
I would really appreciate if you guys would detail what else I will need to purchase so that I am ready when the T-13 arrives. Also how are those stock fog lights? Are you planning on keeping them or replacing them. I haven't been able to see their light output in person.

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