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Feb 26, 2008
San Francisco
Does anyone know of a good thread/reference for what tires fit/recommended for both 16'' and 18'' stock rims? I've got both sets of rims, but am thinking of goin with 275/75R16s (which I assume will fit my stock 100 no problem). Also, what is the biggest tire that fits well in a stock 100? Could you go up to an 80R16? But any reference/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
285/75 r 16 will fit without a lift.
I ran 295/75R16 Nitto TG's for a year with no lift and no problems. Slightly cranked front T-bars to level out and nothing more.
305s fit with a slight rub.
You can fit 255/85-16's as well. It has roughly the same diameter as 285's but skinnier.

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