Tires! Kelly Safari TSR

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Sep 6, 2004
North West Ontario
Oh all mudders like to see other tire options. Here is what I just bought for this year. I wanted bigger and badder, but my walet said they was it this year.

Kelly Tire, Safari TSR. Kelly Tires - Auto & Light Truck - Buying Guide

So far not too noisey and I like the look. The size on my truck is 235/85R16 the rims are toyota 16's.

good choice I think, a friend of mine got a set of their all-terrain series about 4 years ago and just recently replaced them after putting a lot of kilometers on them both on and off-road. Never complained, got good traction.
Myself I ended up going with Dick Cepek Mud Terrains, on snow, ice and wet conditons they are way better then BFG M/T. In Chilkotin mud they also rocked, and that stuff is pretty much clay.
Yah I know very little about the Kelly tires. But the local guy here said they have been lasting pretty good on the forest roads. Also the sidewalls are probably one of the thicker ones I have seen. Look at the bead area in the picture above.

At the end of the day sometimes it's just pulling the trigger and doing something. I could window shop forever trying to decide what size and tire to buy, it can be frustrating.
I like the tread pattern. We all need a mud ops report with a picture essay !
They look remarkably similar to the Toyo MTR's I have on my 100.
Even the siping looks the same.

If the tread and siping perform as well as my Toyo's they should be a great tire.
I hope so.

I'll work on that mud report.

Tire manufactures make so many different tires that get re-branded I don't really know what to think. They create internal competition and always win.

Price wise these were significantly cheaper than the toyo's. The toyo's were my first choice. The store I was at sold both.
I'm diggin the skinnies. Almost 32", so not very tall but I like the look. I'm more interested in their performance, so I'll be watching for your assessment.
I'd love to see a nice radial in 35x10.5 or so.

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