Tire Wobble when Braking

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Sep 13, 2011
Currently in Buena Vista,CO skiing. When driving down the mountain, very steep grade, I was rounding a corner I applied the brakes and my driver side front tire started to wobble slowly at first then got stronger until it was uncontrollable. I let off the brakes and it finally stopped. I continued down the mountain only braking when I was going straight. Experienced no other severe wobbles. I did notice a very slight shimmy like I have felt in the past that I have attributed to my rotor I need to replace. I did replace brake pads roughly 5-6k mike ago. Thoughts? I still have to drive back home to Oklahoma.
check for loose wheel bearings
If the wheel wobbles, could be the hub is not fully torqued, or you may have some other hardware that is loose on that wheel.

If you feel pulsing or shatter when braking, could be the brake pads didn't fully bed into the rotors, and that uneven deposit creates that frequency. Wheel direction shouldn't matter if it is bad brake bedding.
Also take a look at your steering arm under the right knuckle. It may not be a problem yet, but with severe wobbling, it can exacerbate the problem.
Tire studs? I broke 1 years ago and had very similar wobble.
Did you bed in the new pads? Improperly embedding can lead to brake wobble. Disc Pad Break In

I'd also check the bearings and tie rods for play. Check for loose caliper bolts (had that happen) and loose knuckle bolts.

But I bet you have a pad/rotor issue.

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