Tire recommendations BJ73

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Jul 16, 2016
Looking to replace the tires on my Cruiser and was curious what other people were running for all around use. The truck currently has 32x11.5x15 BFG Mud Tires on it but I don't trust them after one had a blowout.

Most of the use will come from the road with very little offroad use at this point. I am open to new wheels if suggested as well as these aren't great :)
If I can get the money, my goal is to buy new 16" factory wheels from Beno. They fit without spaces and I like how they look on a 70 (Beno has them installed on his BJ70). Based on my cursory research, the 16" tires are available in a number of tall skinny sizes from multiple suppliers at prices lower than 15", 17" or 18" in comparable diameters.

I may be wrong, but it just appears that 15" wheels are rapidly becoming obsolete with the tire companies. So I see it as a necessity to switch away from my 15" wheels at my next tire change.

Good luck
I'm running 33x10.50x15's (BF Goodrich KO2's) on my Cruiser.
Yours doesn't look lifted, I was told they would rub on stock suspension. Looks nice
16" rims were a huge upgrade for me. It presented a host of new options. I would suggest looking at expedition portal where they have tested a number of all terrain tires head to head.

Currently I ride on Toyo Open Country Mud Terrains 255/85/16 and really really like them. They are about 33.5" and possess good on road behaviour, for a mud tire, super strong side walls, and look great. However they are heavy, expensive, and not as common in my size. An all terrain is a much better option if you stay out of muck and put the miles on Tarmac. I'd probably be looking at a cooper.
Where would you suggest getting 16" wheels from that have the proper fit? Please excuse my ignorance but very new to this world. I am not familiar with Beno who was mentioned earlier in this thread. TIA
I just got Continential 10.5R20 MPT81's on my 60 series for all-round use. The conti's are the go to tire in the overlanding world on the bigger trucks, but the little 10.5's fits on Cruisers very nice. So, far, they seem really good. Tall/skinny profile and Radial construction make them track nice down the road, the slice through snow and mud, and excel on the gravel roads. So far, extremely impressed with these tires.

But for your BJ73, you might consider Irok 42x14.50R17's. I've run a set of the smaller Irok 39.5/13R16 for over 10 years now on my 74, and absolutley love the Irok as an all round tire. The very best snow/ice traction tire I've run on a Cruiser, great all round performance. I didn't hesitate to put 10,000km's on them on a Road trip to Inuvik, NWT, they didn't let me down. Only problem is the Radial construction makes them prone to sidewall damage, of which I did have one problem in last 10 years. Hence my recommendation of the 42x14.50R17's. Their bias ply construction should have a tougher sidewall. I just picked up a set of these very tires and look forward to getting them on my truck.
Zelda on new wheels.JPG
Thanks all, I just decided to keep the current wheels for now and went with the BFG A/T K02 in the same size. I appreciate the help
... 16" tires are available in a number of tall skinny sizes from multiple suppliers at prices lower than 15", 17" or 18" in comparable diameters....

Correct. Installing Toyota steel 16" wheels and 16" truck tires was one of the best upgrades I did to my '74.
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