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Sep 6, 2008

Just bought a 2003 Tacoma and want to do the timing belt.

Been reading about some good quality kits comparable to OEM from Aisin:

Are these safe and really equal to OEM ?

Aisin TKT-005 Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump
4.8 out of 5 stars(8)Reviews

List Price: $381.41
Price: $152.54 Free Shipping for Prime Members
About this item
Original equipment matched idler and tensioner bearings
Original equipment matched timing belt supplied by Mitsubishi
Engine specific water pressure is achieved without excessive load to engine
Aluminum die-cast technology allows for size and weight reduction
Improved strength in body design and carbon ceramic mechanical seals assures leak prevention
EDIT: in one of your posts you mention being in Lebanon, is that in the middle east or middle TN, or elsewhere? Depending on the answer to that question will dictate the relevance of what follows.

That looks like an Amazon description. Not sure about the parts in that kit, but I am guessing that if you call up @beno or @Sam Stewart they would get you a good price on a true OEM belt kit. Can't tell from that what is included, but when I did mine I did the idler, waterpump, crank seal, tensioner and tensioner pulley, belt and a few other things I think. I had the cam pulley seals just in case but mine were ok so I just let them ride.

Just my $0.02, but the belt and other misc parts for this are parts I am going to be an OEM snob about.
Toyota does not "kit" this stuff. Everything is serviced individually.
Toyota does not "kit" this stuff. Everything is serviced individually.

Agreed and didn't mean to imply as much. The intent was that a call to the right parts guy would net the OP everything needed to complete the job with all OE parts.

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