Time to Let 80 Go... Honest feedback wanted on price

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Jun 23, 2006
Charlotte North Carolina
Guys, the day has come where my bro and I are going to let the 1994 FZJ80 go. Its got around 200k on the clock, locking diffs, no lift, 285's BFG AT's about 1/2 life left, ARB winch bull bar, and a transmission literally brand new built by Toyota about 2500 miles ago. Two weeks ago the engine blew. Randy from RT customs in Dallas thinks its blown the HG and possibly seized the pistons. Basically we are looking at anywhere from 4k to 9k(new engine from toyota) to get it back on the road. Cant do it. What do you think we could sell it for as it would be an excellent parts truck. I was thinking somewhere in ballpark of 2-3k. Feedback appreciated

Josh just give it to me. :D

if you don't want to put a new engine get a used one.
Or do a conversion to a V8
What would a good rebuild cost? So far the 3-4k range is about what we're finding. Part of the problem is that we live in Charlotte NC so we really dont know any mechanics down there. A couple guys from down there reccommeded Bearden and they have been awesome working with my dad on it but its seeming like dropping that coin on the truck may not be what he wants to do for my brothers car. If there are better options I am sure he would be open to them.
You could probably find a used engine in the parting out section for less than a rebuild and do some PM before installing to prevent this from happening again.
I just bought two running zero rust 62s very cheap and yes I am spending $ on them but...I think the Dallas market would only go about 1.000 or less on the 80 .Your talking a lot of time and money to get this running again,storage,towing,inspection fees if not Texas smogged.I hope you get what you want. 2 cents Mike( If I can help pm me.)
part it and sell me the axles :)
I bought a dead one very similar to what you describe a litttle over a year ago for 2 grand.
The cruiser is a little rough I think for that 2,000.Dallas cruisers are usually kept in very good shape. Mike
I'll take the ARB Winch Bull Bar. PM me with a price! I'm in SC and will pick it up.
Research a V8 conversion. There is a 94 with it done for $6500 near me so the swap itself shouldn't be too crazy expensive. Only put in a 3speed but is part time 4wd. I can't imagine he is taking a huge loss but who knows.

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