Tie-Rod Replacement

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Oct 17, 2006
Pompano Beach
Hi all,

I went to the stealership yesterday to get a 4 wheel alignment. The Asst Svc Manager advised me that the tie-rods were frozen and that if I wanted to have them fix it it would be 700.00. I said thanks, and left. I then went to Pep Boys for giggles, and gave me a quote for 439.00. Fantastic, came home and emailed a few compadres about Pep Boys, and advised me to stay away from them.

Ill make another phone call to the mechanic that fixed my clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder.

How much are these things, complete inner and outer with all of the goodies?



PS Would this cause the noise when the steering wheel is turned too hard. No one has greased the steering stops.

The noise is most likely the steering stops, but I think there are 4 total? 2 Inners and 2 outers.... I changed one outer last year and it was only about $20.... I can't stand the mark up for service on somethings these days...... I'm sure a real Toyota end would be more than $20.... but come on!
I looked up your truck's labor time for four tie rod end R&R's. It is 2.0 hours.
Napas page Here lists some prices. you want the parts labeled MRC or NCP. Two MRC inners and two MRC outer cost $86.16. Its gravy work. book time is 2.0 hours, I could do that in 30 mins.

Are you sure the dealer aint trying to shaft you?
Do you know how to check the tie rod ends for yourself?
my link didnt work as im sure the vehicle selected feature uses cookies.
here is what it says

Product Name Item # Price Select

Tie Rod End
1013317 $32.49


Tie Rod End
1014009 $38.49


Tie Rod End - Inner
ES3192 $27.79

Tie Rod End - Inner
2692817 $44.19

Tie Rod End - Inner
27394 $68.99

Passenger Side

Tie Rod End - Inner
27394 $68.99

Driver's Side

Tie Rod End - Outer
ES2508L $15.29

Tie Rod End - Outer
2692518 $29.19

Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeve - Front Suspension
ES2369S $10.39

Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeve - Front Suspension
2691159 $15.09
wait a second.
they charged you for a FOUR wheel alignment?!

thats BS!

a toyota truck is not adjustable in the rear!

I am 100% positive on this.

did they give you a print out sheet detailing the specs?
Maybe they moved a spring hanger........ :D

even if they loosened the ubolts and shifted the axle, which is completly absurd, there is no spec that would designate where that would line up to.

i think its fawkin lame and unethical how dealer ships rip off unsuspecting people.
Wristy and Jerod,

I am sure I have the paper in my truck. I think from what the Asst Svc Mgr wanted to do was replace the entire tie rod assembly for 125.00 per plus labor and such.

I did not get charged a penny, because the tie rods were frozen, they could not do the job. It came out to be 104.95, if I authorized them to do it.

Lucky for me they didnt do it. Like I mentioned before Ill take it to the honest mechanic that I know in town and ask him what he will charge for the labor and parts.

Thanks for your help guys,

well heres whats odd.I wrk at a dealer(sevice manager)-don't start throwing stuff at me.How did the dealer that did the relay rod do the alignment if the tie rods were frozen.Plus if they were frozen there are part #s for tie rod assemblies that can be charged out & replaced with the relay rod at no chrge to the customer.sorry to add insult to injury but i have been there & gotten this covered for our customers that needed it.
CruiserBent, the real question is why don't you work at the dealer in Pompano Beach? Huh? Slacker!

Would you do us a favor and post up some of the inside info you might have in the recall thread here:


Any of those part numbers and such would be great. Thanks! :cheers:
TREs are easy, and they might be a little stubborn, but I'd put a few dollars down saying that they are not frozen......

They might not even need to be replaced. If they don't have any lateral or perpindicular movement (rotational is fine) then just spray pb blaster on them for a week or so, break them loose and then return to the shop for an alignment.
i'll ck on the numbers tomorrow & see what i can do.as for wrkng in cali.,sorry but never been there,ain't lost nothin there.i'll stay here in good ol KY
Dealerships make me sick sometimes. One time i was charged 157.00 to press in a wheel bearing when i had the hub off on one of my cars. Toyota great quality...dealerships ripoffs. Other hand is when your car is under warranty, they cant "find" the problem
I am seeing.
thats not nice.2ndgen i'm sure gettin a lotta grief here from folks lookin for info.i understand its tough to pay some of the prices somtimes.but in all honesty if you can do the labor i would still buy oem parts anyday over the junk that some aftermarket suppliers are selling.i sure you think i full of $hi_ but you folks wouldn't believe the number of "new" aftermarket crap we throw away each year.some of its fine sure,but most ain't worth packin home
X infinity! I've made a few orders from CruiserDan here, OEM is why my Runner has 290k + miles on it. Go OEM or go Home!!! :D

Bent, are you getting grief from customers, or from your co-workers about this? I hope it's the customers, I sure don't want to get you in trouble at work..... :cheers:
Get yourself a tierod from Budbuilt, and upgrade to the FJ80 series TREs from CruiserDan. Be done with it. I got tired of trying to bend the OEM tierod back into place. Going hysteer with the 4.3L swap. HTH.
nah i'm just givin ya $hi-,besides general manager looks to me for accesory ideas for trucks & FJs,i ck the forums to see what sells or not.also to find out if any runs or trail team events in the area

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