Tie rod end stuck

Lyle Kilson

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Nov 28, 2020
Saint George, UT
Does anyone have a hack to unscrew a tie rod end? I’ve tried penetrating oil and a blow torch to heat it up. Neither methods worked. Maybe there is a tool someone’s used to get these suckers unscrewed? Any help would be great.

Oct 23, 2019
Grand Junction, CO
I went to do the tie rod ends on my 60 and found out Toyota offers one end with a new tie rod. No need to unscrew the old rod ends. Not sure if this is true for the 80 rod ends. Doesn't help if you're going with some aftermarket oversize ends but is sounds like a new rod is worth it either way.
Don't pay OEM prices, you can get a stronger tie rod with jam nuts for less:
Another tip, use a 2.5mm zip cut disc to cut a groove or two into the threads along the length of the rodend to make an improvised thread cleaning tap. Run the old rod end all the way in and back out with some penetrating fluid to help clean the threads. Saves fighting the new rod ends to do adjustments.

I did this recently when changing rod ends on a 4RUNNER after finding the new rodends bottomed out on corroded threads deeper in to the tie rod.
Actually, i used a sawzall with a fresh metal blade as I had no grinder available.

After running the old rod end in and out, the new one went in easy, and adjustment was easy
This is a good alternative to buying a new tie rod, still a lot of work.

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