SOLD Thousand Oaks CA. HJ61 1990. $13,000 price drop

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Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
United States
Unfortunate due to this Corona stuff going on I have to sell my cruiser
is a 1990 HJ61 Land Cruiser automatic turbo diesel VX 4x4. originally imported from Japan

284,000km 176,000 miles
New alternator
New belts
New hose
New water pump
New OME shocks
2 new batteries
Both knuckles rebuild
New Tire rod

Some rust spots see pics

Clean California title and registration (extremely valuable





Pouring over the photos trying to figure where you are in TO. Nice rig. Rust is a challenge, price looks like it has that figured in. Hope you have a good sale.

You think those 3 holes are gonna be a huge problem? Or are you saying you think there's more rust ?

Can we see the rain gutters?
Aside from the rust, what other issues need to be addressed? Can you upload engine bay photos please?

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