Thoughts on this BJ75?

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Oct 27, 2007
Hello all. I've been on this forum for a few years now. However, I've always stuck with 40-series applications. I ran across this on CL and love it. Factory diesel, 5sp, front rear lockers, economical enough for a commuter yet perfect for camping and moderate off-roading. The only turnoff is that it doesn't have a turbo..... I'd like to hear assessments from those who have firsthand experience with this drive train. What gearing is used in this truck? Efficiency; I'm guessing 22-26 mpgs? Again input is greatly appreciated.
Thanks Chris.

I just located the sale thread in the 70'series classifieds... Why is everyone passing on this? Because of no turbo and AC?

Is there rust or issues?
Looks very nice to me with low mileage and original paint. It must have been a emergency power supply company who owned it with those ladder racks. The tyres are to small so she would get poor fuel economy and be revving to high in 5th gear.
The condition looks good to me too. 3B might be underpowered, HZJ75 or PZJ75 more preferable.
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Those would also cost a lot more and you wouldn't find one LHD with that low miles. Heck it would be cheaper to buy this and swap the engine later. I'd buy it and throw a turbo on and simply drive and enjoy. After driving it for a while you'll figure out your needs. Or leave it NA since how many 3Bs do you know if with 43 original miles? That could be worth something if you're planning an engine swap in the near future.
Not ladder racks. It was a rescue vehicle.
I've watched it for a while, it's been on eBay for a while. It looks pretty cool. The seller admits there are some rust issues and some rust repair. I personally think the 3B is way underpowered for a 75. But it is really cool, diff locks, 5-speed, LHD. I think the price might be more attractive around $19K, but just my opinion.
Rust issues for this much money is a deal breaker for me.
It's an old Yota they all rust plus the fact that LHD Troopys are super hard to find I think his price is reasonable.From what I have seen for sale in Europe this is actually in very nice condition ,has super low miles and cable lockers.A 300K miles rusty troopy in Europe gets most of the time advertised between 8 to 15k$.That is why I am not bringing any......if I found one like this I might bring it put a Turbo on it and keep it.

Don't want to shatter anybody's dream but if you are looking for a nice 70 series with a/c and rustfree it means in 90 % of the time that you will have to settle for RHD from Japan,this one is about the best I have seen from the Euro troopys lately.

For that price you could buy a really nice US 80 series and have enough left over for 1HD T conversion. You would have better vehicle all round.
For that price you could buy a really nice US 80 series and have enough left over for 1HD T conversion. You would have better vehicle all round.

200% agree with you but it seems anywhere I have lived in the world everyone always want that vehicle that is rare and unique ;)

And the 75 is rare in Europe because the only people that buy it new are the few companys that have a need for it and usually use them hard,after that they get sold to someone that wants to take it overlanding trough Africa so it get's used hard again.I haven't met anyone in any of the countrys where you can legally buy the troopie new that really wants it as a daily driver.....but when you can't buy it....... they want it LOL
My thoughts also. I use mine as a daily driver and its painfull after a while. I have a 200cc scooter which does all the close to home work.
I wish I had of kept my 73 series, it was a better DD
That's one of the advantages to the auto gear box in my BJ74 ...... You can straighten out your legs on longer trips. This unfortunately isn't an option on my HJ75 Ute.
I've driven an ATX turbocharged 3B with H55 in a 60 with stock gears and 35s. Not exactly apples to apples, but I'd bet with something like 255/85-16 tires on this Troopy it would go ok. It's up to $16,xxx now.

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