Thinking about re-building the 3fe

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Sep 29, 2003
The Sunshine State
Its got 200k on it and its not in use at the moment. I have the FSM and I know there is a bunch of info out there on the re-build, I was just wondering what fellow IH8muders have to say when they re-built there 3fe. The usual questions like how much did it cost ya? how long? and so forth.

No rush on this project, I have enough for the Toy Box but have yet to talk to Marlin to see if they started making it for the H55 tranny. Projects alwasy cost more money and take longer than you think:princess:
I don't remember the exact cost, $2k or so. I had a local shop do the machine work, head work, and install the bearings, rings, pistons. Cost for this was about $500. They'd never seen a 3FE before but I had the manual and the owner was an old guy who'd been working on engines for longer than Cruisers have been around.

The little stuff adds up fast - belts, hoses, vac lines, water pump, etc.
Godwin...that sounds about right. Thank you and I will keep searchin..

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