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Apr 13, 2004
so i have rust free 1973 fj-40 the motor is blowen but i have a low millaged late model 2F that i was thinking of putting in along with all the new parts one should replace when doing this kind of thing. what i am getting at is it worth doing all the work buying all the parts and then selling it for around 6 or 7k or just sell it as is for 4k? what do ya'll think.
as some of ya'll know from last meeting i need cash for a down payment so thats the only reason i would sell this cruiser.
$4k for the truck and the extra motor sounds good. You don't have to burn time getting it to work.

The 40 your speakiong of, is it the one tat was broke down near my house?... Jus' wondering...
no it's a green one i have here. i have been planing on building it for T (my wife Tamara) but i need the cash. so she will have to wait on her fj-40.

i think i am going to C-list it for 4500.00 w/the motor and see whats happens.
Edwin, I saw your ad on CL. I've been the photographer for the Ferrari Club for 7 years now, so I know how to take a decent photo. If you want I could swing by after work tomorrow and take a few photos of the 40 that you could use. I leave right at 5:30 & could be there by 6:00.
thanks for the offer but i was asked to go out to our deer lease tomorrow to help put up one of the new guys stuff. so i think it's going to be a all day hurt:>(
but if you don't mind maybe some other time? i still need to get it cleaned up before i start showing the girl off you know what i mean?
Last time I listed on cra. list some real weirdos showed up be careful. Mike

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