Thiess Tropical Roof

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These were similarly factory installed on some Land Rovers through the fifties, sixties, and seventies. Mostly used in sweltering hot jungle-environments and across the African savannah. Sometimes this was referred to as African Air-conditioning.
It was a second roof fastened over the original roof with spacers and it had porthole-openable vents.
The idea was to let the inside heat rise up and out of the vehicle while the sun beat down on the roofs.
I doubt Toyota had as an elaborate system or factory installation.
This looks like an aftermarket product modelled after the British roofs.
It wouldn't be too hard to fabricate your own, but piercing the roof for mounts or portholes would be cause for water ingress unless carefully fitted. My two-cents.
not looking to fab anything...just looking for photos of 45's with a Thiess Tropical roof instaled on it.

these were Thiess in the land of OZ...not a factory (Thiess)install

Rovers had a great sys...but...i am not looking to copy anything as rovers are rovers and land cruiser are land cruisers.

I have never seen anybody with one (a thiess ) installed

just looking for pics :)
never seen one outside the same brochure you posted, got the same one

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