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Jul 30, 2005
Kodiak, Alaska
Ok people I am about to embark on an 1800-mile trip in the cruiser. My wife and I are moving to San Antonio from Portsmouth VA (Butthole). Since I have had the cruiser (Aug 05) I have only done a few things to the cruiser. I have changed all fluids beside the tranny fluid and that has a leak so I just add when low. So far I have drove the cruiser almost every day for the last 7 months and it has given me no problems what so ever. The cruiser has 210K miles and runs strong. I have changed the coil, dizz cap (and button), sparkys and sparkys wires with new OEM. Oh and I have had new keys made. (New keys make a world of a difference when trying to unlock your doors. MY old key was so warn that you could start the cruiser and then pull the key out. With all that said I do not have time in the next week to do anything to the cruiser before I take this trip, I guess what I am getting at is I have done very little maintenance to this cruiser and I am wondering if she will make it? What are your thoughts and suggestions?
I took a trip like that in my FJ62 with basically the same specs as yours (has a rebuilt tranny, though). No problems at all. You should be fine. Join AAA just in case. There's not a lot you can do in the next week anyhow...

Sign up for the Cruiser Assitance club (top of page links) just in case you need help along the way. And maybe double-check your hoses, belts, and radiator to make sure all looks good and there are no issues.

Have fun!
Welcome to Texas! We moved here four years ago from Northern's like a whole other country! :flipoff2:
Join AAA, or find a Ih8mud member in every state you are gonna travel through (Im in Omaha, NE by the way).

Better yet, do both and when AAA tells you it will be 2 hrs for a tow, you can call your local Mudder to come meet you with a 6pack.

good luck .. remember SLOW AND EASY WINS THE RACE ... dont try to set a speed record and you'll be fine... mine went to TX to PA and back 3x :D

welcome to texas... when you get here that is.. I will be movin to SA soon as well hope to hook up with you at the local LSLC chapter meeting
set of belts
some good tunes
Definitely get AAA. If you don't need it for a breakdown, it should at least help with the map to get to San Antonio.

I did a similar trip in June from Denver to Hartford, CT in my 86 FJ60. I had owned it less than 2 months and except for a stall I got in monsoon rains in western PA, it was great.

I can't say the same about Arby's in Nebraska...picked up a nasty case of food poisoning there on my first day of the trip.

Best of luck...
Best luck! Im moving from Minneapolis to Denver next week, Maybe Ill see you on the highway, my cruiser will be going extra slow with a uhaul strapped to its back.
took mine on two long trips. when I bought it I drove from LI, NY to FL with no shock mounts in the rear and stalling every time I took my foot off the gas. Made it no problem!

Second, went on a 2200 mile trip to outer banks then across the state to the mountains and back home. Later on I did the manifold gaskets and realized the carb insulator was cracked, the manifold bolts were about finger tight and a couple of other "oh sh&ts" I can't think of right now.

I guess my point is as long as you don't get lost on the way you should make it no problem! have fun.
I've made the 1800 mile trip between California and Montana in my 85 60 2 times now, and the 700 mile round trip between montana and salt lake 3 times with no real problems, except for a busted radiator hose in southern Utah in 110 degree weather (thank god it was in a parking lot of a chevron with an auto shop attached to it) Make sure your belts and hoses are all in good shape, I carry a small basic tool kit and a few extra hoses/parts, grease up all your axles, tie rods, and cv's, and get the tires balanced if you can... nothing pissed me off more than the shimmy I had right at 60 once. You should make it with no problems whatsoever
Why would the world's most reliable truck have a problem with that little highway trip? I've never had a cruiser leave me stranded. I once drove a stock fj40 with 260K miles from Montana to Portland to New Mexico and back to Montana (about 3000 miles) in January without the slightest hiccup. I drove it in the desert in 110 degree heat and in the mountains in -20. Let it suffice to say it had lived a hard life before I got it and all I did was keep it alive, aside from a clutch I did no major repairs. Never once did it even hint that it wouldn't return me from whence I came. AAA membership? Buy a wrench.

I say enjoy the trip and find some nice spots to pull off the pavement on the way.
Don't even bother on the AAA part. I had it for the longest time before I moved back from Denver. As long as U have some spare belts and probably a new fuel pump U'll be fine. I didn't need any of it when I did the drive back home and I had a U haul on the rear of it too with all my apt. stuff in it. She ran like a champ the whole way. Good luck on the trip!
Thanks so much for everyone's input. I am not worried that the cruiser will make it from point a to b, I am worried in general. You just never know. I guess I am asking for the impossible and I cant see anyone telling me my future so Thanks again so much. I guess I will buy a AAA membership and a few belts.

Here is how my trip is going down. VA (I-95)- NC -SC (I-85) -GA (I-20) Al-MS-LA-TX (Dallas) I-45 s to Willis TX.
I will have internet on the road via laptop connected to my cell phone. So I guess I will not be sol as long as I can still access IH8mud. Hell who needs AAA when you have this great group of PIMP wagons.
I know I'd jump in to mine and drive from Tacoma to Key West without a second thought. Get yourself posted on the Cruiser Assistance page through this site, pack up a few "necessaries," and hit the road.
A safe trip to you. Keep us posted.
I joined Cruiser Assistance. Sometime this week I will join AAA, then cross my fingers... Thanks all
Looking at your route, I am right off of I-95 in NC so if you have a problem in NC look me up on CAC.

Good luck on trip.
You'll be fine. I took mine to Big Bend just a couple of weeks after I bought it. Drove it 650 miles there, wheeled it, and drove it 650 miles back no problems. Just watch the fluids and the Land Cruiser will take care of you.
I drive mine from Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Guatemala City, Guatemala (south of Mexico) each year and I've got 450,000kM on the clock (that's +300,000 miles). I'm not worried!
The WORST that has happened so far is busting all the wheel studs on a rear wheel 'cause I was overloaded and the roads in Mexico are NOT really smooth. Locals had me up and running again in an hour!!
When you get AAA, make sure you pay for the Plus version, so that you can get up to 100 miles of free towing. With the normal membership they will tow you the the local AAA approved shop and that's as far as you go for free.


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