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Dec 29, 2006
Working on the Island this weekend and decided to check out the local Craigslist lst night for Cruisers. This one has way more value per pound than Jeff's find. :p Wish I had $3500 laying around. :frown: Maybe one of the club members can take advantage of this amazing deal? Something strange though...

"1990 Landcruiser 80 Series 4 cyl Turbo Diesel, 168,460 KMS. It is left hand drive (steering wheel on opposite side of vehicle then normal). " :confused:

1990 Toyota Landcruiser
Sounds fake... did you actually see it? What engine does it have?

Nigerian car scam. I don't trust craigslist at all.
Yep, either its a scam or someone who doesn't have a clue about what they are selling and its a rippin deal. I haven't seen it and won't have a chance to see it this weekend - eventhough I am in the area. If I had the chance I would waste 2 hours to look at it; but, I have to transport volunteers back to the mainland tomorrow after the conference.
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"Everything runs perfect and was senior driven since bought in 1990 new, 1 owner, dad can't drive any more so the cruiser has to go"

So ol' Dad lived in Japan, bought it new, immigrated and brought it over with him?

I say scam. But if I'd seen that ad while I was over there last week I probably would have looked...
fail. maybe next time he can get some info right. proper motor description, or steering wheel location that corresponds to the pic shown?

he is describing the steering wheel correctly for a nigerian. They drive on the LH side of the road. ?? So he said the steering wheel was opposite to our normal.

I sent a message over a week ago, no response. Seems like a scam especially because of the one owner claim on a right hand drive.
I call BS on it. If you think it is a scam like I do then please go flag the posting to get rid of it.

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