The MUD 100 Series mpg thread

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Sep 20, 2003
We do have these discussions about mpg every so often (some bordering on fairy tales by some accounts) and it's usually on most people's mind given our trucks' brick profiles. So have a go here, easier to keep track of. Your record, your tips, observations, advice, etc.

Feel free to discuss your cow magnet and hydrogen generator experiments, those are always ...errr..... entertaining.

And to our Canuck and Brit good friends: your mpg is not our mpg, so don't gloat! :)

I'll start with one astounding number for our truck. Never seen that before. Just a couple of days ago, which is what prompted me to start this thread:

25mpg over 70 miles!

As displayed by the computer so more likely a bit less in reality (I'd say 1 mpg or so less from experience), but OTOH I also have 5% larger tires. So let's call it 25mpg for now. Stock otherwise, but 4 adults and baggage. Either way, not bad if I may say so.

Now, it's not too hard to get good mileage over short distances but less so over 70 miles for sure. So, how did that happen you ask?

Well, I'll come clean: winter gas bought at high elevation, and drive from South Lake Tahoe to past Placerville. It's been a while since I've driven a road that was essentially downhill over 70 miles... Sadly after that it went downhill, so to speak. The mileage, that is. But by the time I was in the bay area it was still displaying 20mpg or so. Made my day!
This was one of the few situations where having a big load on board will likely help.
Something must be wrong with that computer :D

In all seriousness, I'm at 13.69 with mixed driving, I'm using FuelLog on my phone which seems to be pretty accurate. Does all sorts of calculations and it's free!
Best typical measured tank-average on all freeway, level trips : around 18mpg.
In town: around 13 mpg.

(Stock for everything but 265/70R18 ATs.)
While I don't have the data points yet, that's about what I'm seeing right now. I guess I could see downhill making a significant difference, but still pretty incredible considering the EPA's ratings and what others have been experiencing.

(My LC is completely stock FYI)
Best I ever did was ~22 MPG for about 50 miles between Big Sky and West Yellowstone, and I filled up to verify. 55 MPH, relatively flat, easy on the skinny pedal. Most other tanks are 11 - 13 MPG, unless towing, then 8-9. Same with off road.
I just did mine for the past three tanks of gas:

1. All back roads 14 mpg
2. Mixed driving 16 mpg
3. All back roads 15 mpg

I am pretty pleased with that. Coming from my 80, these numbers are much better. The 80 at best got 13 all highway.
I just checked mine last week. It was about 50% in town driving and 50% interstate, I averaged 15.5 MPG. Also, I'm running some very ugly 265/70R/16 tires. I'm getting ready to bump up in tire size to 265/75/16 or 285/70/17. I'm guessing my mileage will go down when I do. I honestly love driving my LC everyday but I'm considering buying something else to drive every day. My wife has a Lexus IS350 and she only drives 5 miles a day round trip, trying to get her to drive the cruiser to work and let me drive the Lexus to save some money on fuel. Plus the IS is a blast to drive. For some reason I don't get as good of gas mileage as she does ;) That damn thing will fly and get 23 MPG while doing it.
When I first got her , last month, I got 16 mpg to the tank for 250 miles on I 75. With the 285's, I pulled a small trailer to Orlando and back last week with 5 peeps and luggage and got 12.5 running 75 mph taking into consideration the 7.5% my speedo is off.
I just road tripped mine from Sacramento to San Diego and got 16mpg going south (WOO HOO!!) - 70mph cruise control, no traffic in middle of night, stock with 285 DuraTracs, loaded with presents. Northbound return trip was in daytime with lots of slow downs from Central Valley traffic and a strong headwind the entire way - 14-15mpg.

Best I ever saw was 100% stock on a road trip to Colorado and got 18mpg at 65mph on the flats.

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