"The Jack Rack" -- Wall Mounted Jack Stand Storage Racks


Jan 4, 2014
Little Rock, Arkansas
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I'm calling these Jack Racks and they are designed to get those pesky jack stands that you're constantly tripping over off your garage floor and neatly organized on your wall. Each Jack Rack is made from 14ga. 304-4 Stainless Steel and has 3 clearance holes for 1/4" screws or bolts. Each rack is designed to hold 2 jack stands. This will accept any 2, 3, 6, 12, or other tonnage jack stand that has the radiused triangular cutout between the legs. The flat profile is cutout using an Amada 3015AJ Fiber Laser and then bent on an Amada HD2204 NT Press Brake. It holds each jack stand approximately 1° upward to prevent the jack insert from sliding out of the top. Each Jack Rack is 28.25" long, 2 5/8" wide, and at it's farthest point it protrudes about 3 1/8" from the surface it's mounted to. If you get more than one I recommend mounting them one on top of the other drilling into the same stud (basically creating one 56.5" tall rack). If you do side-by-side then mount at the on-center distance between the studs in your walls.

The pics below are early photos with it simply clamped to a pallet with the laser film still on it for display purposes. I will get fully installed pics very soon.

Each Jack Rack (will hold 2 jack stands) is $35 + shipping (~$15 depending on destination zip). Approximate 1 week lead time. PM for purchase details.





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