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Apr 9, 2010
Perth Australia
HJ47 into HZJ87

G,day fellow 40 series owners.
I picked up a 08-1984 HJ47 on Anzac day that was found on a farm 3hrs south of Perth. It had been sitting under a tree for a few years and only had 1 tyre left on it. So after fitting a few spare tyres it was onto the trailer ready for the 380Klm trip home.
Tuesday morning I droped a battery into the tray and hooked up the terminals and checked the motor over for oil and water.
Turned the key on to see all the dash flicker to life so went to start but nothing. After a quick inspection noticed it was fitted with a touch key imobiliser so out with the side cutters to remove it and join up the factory wiring again.
To the key on again and the glow plug light lit up so waited untill it tomed out and hit the key and after a few cranks onthe starter motor the 47 fired into life with no smoke and idled so sweetly.
Next was to give the chassis a blast with the high pressure washer to see how bad the chassis was (the farmer had said it was broken).
The chassis is totally stuffed and broken through both the Left and Right rails.
So now its time to start hunting for a replacement chassis.

Loaded up ready for the trip home.





Broken chassis rail Right side.

Broken chassis rail Left side.

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must have been a hard jump or carring a big load.

rest of the unit looks nice not terribly rusty

there is also a specific 45 section, if you scroll down the main tech page

goodluck with it.
I thought the tray was on a bit of a funky angle........:eek: Otherwise it actually looks ok, there are a fair few bare chassis lying around, price ranges from decent to stupidly expensive, depending on where you look. But anyway, gotta love the mustard yellow 'Cruisers.
Super cool! the more I see of these trucks the more I am impressed!
Nice looking rig mate
have you thought about a 75 series chassis much stronger or even putting the cab on a 80 sereies to run the coil comfort
Will this is going to be come a HZJ87.
the 47 body is going to be placed on a HZJ80 chassis, and will be relicenced as a rebodied 80 series.
Just waiting on the 80 series to turn up in the next few weeks as it has to come to Perth from Port Hedland around 1200Klm north of Perth.
Have seen some great 40 series fitted up to a 80 series on IH8MUD and this was the turning point seeing how good they looked.
I also hope these guys dont mind that i will no dout copy some of the stuff that they have done and use there pitcures as ref to my build.

Soenke's being the most inspiring

Waggoner's. Project X. A fully doco build.

A stunning build.

This is going to be a sweet build, pity you're so far away, I could use bits of that broken 47 chassis.:doh:

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