Temp guage flickering

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Sep 11, 2012
Rossland, B.C.
Truck is a 1990 w. 22re. 352,000 ks. Temperature guage has been flicking from near cold to normal and back. Engine warms up and runs normally. Changed the thermostat and checked the connections to the sensors. Still does the flicking back and forth thing. anybody seen this before?
Zero replies from Mud.

No reply at all, as the song goes. Guess I will drive it and ignore the temp guage movement. Runs fine, but guage movement tends to stress me a bit.
Never heard of this type of erratic movement in a temp guage, but since you have checked the usual suspects, I would try replacing the sensor next and then if still not fixed, it may be in the cluster itself. I am pretty sure you can check the sensor for continuity and such, the process is outlined in the FSM, but they are relatively cheap and would probably be just as easy to just replace it.
temp guage

Thanks. I will investigate further. Any idea which guage is which? there is a green plug and a black plug, side by side on the intake. I pulled both off to check the wiring connectors.
I thought that those two were were to trigger sensors. Isn't the sendor for the dash gauge was inbetween the valve cover and the EFI intake ?
The sender for the gauge is on the intake, right between cylinders 2 and 3, it's a single wire sender that sticks straight up. Very close to the valve cover. Sorry, can't find a good pic right now.

Our lack of response is simply an indicator that none of us know the answer to your question, we've never come across a problem like this, nothing more.
temp guage

Thanks KLF. I am the king of wierd issues. Truck did 12000 ks of travel this summer, at least half of which was offroad, so there are a variety of new sights and sounds on the truck. Broke the headlight, radio aerial, left driveshaft, brakes are worn, e-brake cable housing sheered off, etc, etc. Lots of wrenching this month.

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