TD04 Vs. TD05 for 3B in BJ73

Dec 7, 2019
North Carolina, USA
I have a 89 BJ73 with with a 3Bii NA engine. I'm going to turbo the engine. I will be fabricating/sourcing everything myself. I'm searching various turbos people have recommended on the forum. Garret T25's or M24. Toyota C26 (which is stock for 13BT, but people say is a bit large/laggy). One thread on the forum stated TD04's worked well, but suggested a TD05 16G was better.................TD04's and TD05 16G are both inexpensive on Ebay(less than $150) anyone have any experience on these 2 turbos on a 3B?
I am also considering trying to bolt onto the bottom of the stock NA manifold, or fabricate my own manifold. Anyone ever bolted a turbo to the bottom of the stock NA manifold?
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