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Jun 3, 2007
Brought home some scrap from work yesterday, what you are looking at will become sliders and likely a rear bumper. A bunch of 2" x 2" x 0.120" tubing, a bit of 2" x 3", a couple of pieces of 1" bar-stock for pull points, and a spindle for a tire swing out. Cost so far - one cutoff wheel. :) Might be a while before I get it going.... There is more short pieces where this came from, just wanted to take the main pieces before one of the other guys took all the long sections and fittings for his junk.
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Where's the finished pic's ? inquiring mind's want to know..........and see.........
I have yet to learn to weld (this will be my learnin project), still figuring on design and tracking down material (found some stuff that should work for mounting plates at the family farm today), and I'm lazy :hillbilly:

It'll likely be a few more weeks before I get doing anything other than sketching. Need to decide if I'll work on them at the farm on weekends off, or at the shop afterhours on weekends I work. Would be nice to work away from prying eyes, but the shop is better outfitted and I'll have more time around there.
Finally got some done last weekend and tonight. Got the rock rails and mounting plates cut on the weekend (btw, anyone know how to dress a chop saw blade when it loads up and quits cutting?), and welded in some indented jack points into the rock rails tonight.

Funny how welding can go from a pain to nice in a minute or two. The welder kept sliding down in current, so the rod would stick, then I realized that with a little more force, the locking lever would hold it in place..... wish we had a self-darkening shield. Anyway, I should remember to grab some pics and post up progress.
Fawk the chop saw blade, those thin zip disks for the angle grinder work way better as they just fly through the metal.
That's what I ended up going back to. I like that the chop saw makes a nice straight cut, but I guess the welding covers a fair bit of slop anyway. :meh:
A couple pics of the rock rails. Welds aren't pretty, but I'm getting the hang of it.


Are you grinding the paint off before welding?
Around where the bead goes, yes. Grinding an angle in for penetration where it is needed too.

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