Tall Corn Cruisers-Introductions


Sep 13, 2006
My name is Art I live in the Des Moines area. I started wheelin officially at Tall Corn 2006. Thanks in part to a close friend of mine who works with Kurt. I purchased an 07 FJ in June and traded in my 02 Taco for it.

I joined TLCA minutes (literally) after I got home with my new FJ. And since then, I've been excited to meet and learn about the FJ's long storied history.

So far, I've been to MIOBI twice, once for Tall Corn 06, and once for the Toys for Tots run...which lasted an hour for me...too much MUD! Anyway, my new wife and I took the FJ down to Colorado Springs in late September for a little work/pleasure trip. We took the FJ on a trail from Monument to Manitou Springs, did Pikes Peak 1 1/2 times (snow had half of it closed), and then also took the Rampart Range Trail from Manitou Springs to Garden of the gods.

I look forward to meeting all the new members of Tall Corn Cruisers over the next few months and hope to see us get a great group going.


My Rig:
07 FJ Cruiser, Hankook MT RT03's, Gobi Rear Ladder, Magnaflow Exhaust, AiRaid Cold Air Intake.

May 11, 2003
Elmwood, WI
Hello, I just moved to Dubuque in July and am excited to see there is now a TLCA chapter (or in the works) in Iowa. I saw a green FJ around town here this summer and am sure someone out there knows who's it was. It was lifted and looked ready for the trail. I currently own a 71 FJ40 that I would like to restore to factory. I had a 70 FJ40 before I moved down to Dubuque but had to sell it due to the move (transportation issues) but hoping I can eventually find something that I would like to wheel as I have never been wheeling before. Anyway, good luck with everything and will be watching this section of mud closely. Thanks. :cheers:
Oct 20, 2006
Atkins, Iowa
My name is Brent Moore, I live in Newhall (15 min west of CR). I grew up on a farm south of Williamsburg.

I can say my first rig was a heep. Until I saw a FJ40 for sale on the way to the farm one day, I fell in love. I sold the heep and bought the 40.
The 40 was a 1973 all original from Colorado. It had thrown a rod on I-80. With the tow bill and storage fee the owner signed it over to the tow company. I soon bought a 76 for parts. Besides tearing the 73 all apart, that is about all I got done.

Five years later I find a 68 from a local guy, his son had bought it in the military and had lost interest. I bought the 68 and I wasn't going to let this waste. I got it running and spent the winter doing body work then paint in the summer.
With the bug, I took the 73 frame and started setting it up with reverse shackle, spring over, saginaw, and a chevy V-8. Had it blasted and painted. Put the disc axles off the 76 on it with a Cut-n-turn. Then added monte carlo discs for the rear.

When doing this I had spun a bearing in the 2F which is now in the 68. SOOOO, I did a body swap. 68 on 73 frame. Had problems with the steering and brake master, It took alittle longer to do but well worth it. I have a couple more things to do before I can do any serious offroad. I still work on it daily.

Feb 1, 2005
Bella Vista, AR
Wade from Des Moines area

I'm Wade. I am also from the Des Moines area also. Let's see, my first attempt at a trail rig was my 96' 4 door s10 blazer. Let's see, "vrooom, snap!" that was the story with the blazer... It got demoted to tow rig. Works great for towing.

Then I got smart and bought a 73' fj40 for $2000 off Casey's famous and forever changing LandCruiser collection. Haven't done a lot to it except for a small shackle lift, new 33/10.50bfg mt's on crawlers, new breaks, high output alt., and a trail side custome fender job done with a pair of vise grips after a tire slicer at MIOBI. Dropped in a cobra CB and called it good. The only break I've had in 3 years of any kind was a drag link oh, and my foot. :rolleyes: no damage except a broken mirror. Had a spare of both that came with it along with lots of other freebie 40 parts. I guess less traction and goodies, less breakage. I wheel at 27 psi (no power steering). Get around just fine.

I am currently considering switching to an fzj80 so the wife and kids can go out to MOAB, Colorado or whatever and back with me. They went wheeling with me at the Tall Corn event and got the bug.

Also, I am secretary of the New TLCA Iowa Chapter. Can't wait till it really gets cookin'. lots of good people and resources have joined the new chapter. South Dakota and MOAB sound good to me for chapter trips. Need to sell my 96' blazer ($3000) and my 73' fj40 ($2200) and get an fzj80. I've got pics of both if interested. ;)

Look forward to meeting everybody and to lots of good wheeling.

Wade H.
Member# 14705

73' fj40
2F with header
weber carb
33" bfg mt's

P.S. Brent, that 40 is off the map!
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Nov 13, 2006
Greetings people!
First off, I want to say that I don't hate mud! :cool: I like mud and actually am not fond of rocks. Ok, now that I have that off my chest-
Obviously, I am "The Dingman". You can just call me Ding. :popcorn:
Kurt emailed me this link over a month ago, but I'm really, really slow sometimes. :)

I started wheelin’ back in ’86 in Texas. Owned a ’84 Nissan King Cab 4x4 and I didn’t buy it for wheeling, but I got it off road on a few fishing trips. A buddy had a Toyota pickup and I was always trying to keep up with him. My Nissan had some awful Goodyear Wranglers, tho they weren’t bad in dry conditions, on wet pavement or mud, they really, really, really suked. I’ve never forgotten those crappy tires.
As a side note tho, I still have the map on which I wrote my mileage driving that 4x4 from Texas to Iowa and you won’t believe the mileage~
I was getting between 30-35 miles to the gallon. Granted, it was long enough ago that I drove lower than the 55 MPH limit but also that 4 cyl engine had 8 spark plugs. I’m pretty sure it fired on the exhaust stroke also.
Anyway, after I got divorced and the ex-w got the Nissan, I didn’t go off road for a lot of years. I did drive a $100 car (while in college) and a 3\4t ’79 2WD Chevy.

Then about 5 years ago, I bought a new S10 with the ZR2 off-road package. tongue5 I didn’t really buy it for wheelin’ but I’ve always liked trucks and I’ve always been a GM man. Well, after a few short forays into the river bottoms and friends fields, I found that this silly little truck didn’t get stuck easily and so started getting off-road just a little more every year.
Some of you might remember I brought the ZR2 down to (what do you call your place, Dan?) to Dan’s on Labor Day in ’03. Maybe ’04. Can’t remember. Anyway, it was fun, I was careful so didn’t bash up the shiny ZR2. In fact, I climbed a few hills lifted trucks (open diffs, I have the G80 in the back of mine) didn’t make it up, I have the video on my downloads page. read2
Anyway, I got to the point of having to replace some front end parts and tho it was covered under warranty (I had purchased the truck new off the lot), I didn’t want to replace the next set of parts out of my pocket. notworthy

So, decided that I needed a cheaper, dedicated wheeler. I read around the internet, checked around the ‘net and watched a few trucks here and there. I decided the older Toys were inexpensive and yet durable, capable wheelers.
I found a ’83 pickup in Indianola, bought it. Immediately sunk nearly $2K into it, but it was a pretty sound vehicle at that point. I’d still be driving that truck but as time moved on, I got more and more cramped in that truck. Have you ever been in one of the first gen Toy’s??? SMALL, NO ROOM. Also, it was carbureted which occasionally gave me a little trouble.

I still liked the Toys, so I read that for about 6 months or so, Toyotas were shipping with a SFA and EFI on the same vehicle. I started looking around and found a 4runner in my neighborhood and I bought it. Yeah, I could have bought a newer toy and SAS’d it, but I thought that would be more than I wanted to spend (that later turned out to be wrong, I think). notworthy
Started fixing it up, and in the middle of that, I found a much nicer SFA\EFI 4runner and ended up buying that one too.
So, the first one is the one that Des Moines off-road pretty much built up for me, and the nicer un-modified one is sitting next to my garage, I’m gonna go thru it and make it my DD. (I still have the ZR2, it just sits in the garage, waiting for me to get a date with a woman).
Here's what I've done to the green 4runner so far:

* 5.29 Gears
* "Newfield" Birfs and Axles
* Quick-Loc Auto Lockers, front and rear
* IFS steering box w\sleeved and braced frame
* Sky Hy-Steer crossover
* Bilstein 5150 shocks
* 63" Chevy 1\2 tons leaf springs installed in the rear
* Rear OEM 4Runner springs moved to the front.
* Front Axle moved forward about 3 "
* Lengthened front driveshaft, brakelines and vent lines
* 36x12.5x15 Swamper SX Bias Ply Tires.
* Off-road bumpers by CRB Off-Road.
* Sanded body, painted with Rust-oleum Rusty Metal primer, then painted with Dupont Centari Fleet paint.
* Optima Redtop
* Cheapo' Habor Fright 9K winch
* Water proofed much of the engine\computer wiring harness and distributor
* Fun Electonics inside (JVC MP3 headunit, Stereo and Amp and Pioneer speakers)
* CB Radio to call my friends to tell them to come tip me back over
* 55 watt backup lights (yes, they are sold as driving lights)
* I know this might come back to bite me in the arse, but I filled all the back panels with expanding foam. It cut down on the noise quite a bit. I hope it doesn't trap too much moisture. I don't think it will trap moisture, there certainly are enough holes to drain and prevent condensation.

My wheelin’ experience has all been woods\dirt\mud. Though I’ve been to Moab on my mountain bike, I’ve not wheeled rocks\slickrock at all in a truck. Since I got into wheelin’ to just get back to a fishing hole or to get a look at an eagles nest, I still lean towards just “getting there” and not “find the most difficult” route. I like to have a real destination, one with a goal, rather than just a turn around point. So, my skills certainly aren’t up to the point of people who really go wheelin’ to go Wheelin’. Now that I have a more capable vehicle tho, I’m starting to get that way.

I do plan on a trip to both Gilbert and the Badlands but I need more time under my belt in this newly-built vehicle. Now, all the usual stuff seems easy and so I began looking for other places to wheel. I found it very difficult to find places within 6-8 hours drive (doh). I’ve been to 600 acres but that’s obviously not an option anymore.
I do intend on participating and wheelin and we’ll just see how it all shakes out.

I have to admit, at this point, for all practical purposes, I’m not much above a beginner in my wheelin’ skills. I also have a vehicle that I’m not familiar with, so I’m cautious. Well, maybe I’m up to moderate skills but I sure seem to make some boners sometimes.

Um, OK, last but not least. I've lived in Des Moines for quite a long time and currently work for Siemens as a Building Automation System Specialist. Basically, I specialize in the HVAC systems.
I'm a moderator for http://www.zr2usa.com/
and my personal website is at http://www.bubendorfer.org/

I’m looking forward to meeting you all in person and wheelin’ with ya.
Dec 24, 2003
SE Iowa
Hi my name is Tony. I just bought a new place near Letts, IA this summer. I'm formally from Illinois, although just on the east side of the river.

I picked up my 75 FJ40 in Sept of 2001 for a whopping $600 (hence the username choice). It wasn't the prettiest thing ever, and it still isn't, but it ran (sort of) and most importantly, it was a Cruiser. The wiring was a mess, and it had this old POS Motorcraft carb on it that I could never get to lean out out low RPM's. I found this old IH pickup that had what looked to be a smaller 2 bbl carb of some kind on it for free. After I cleaned all of the crap off of it, I found a Holley carb. Rebuilt it, and the old F has run fine ever since. I have since rewired everything, built a cage that I still need to finish tying into the frame, done the mini disc conversion up front and scored some cheap 31x10.50 BFG AT for it. I haven't done much in the way of wheeling it other than around the house, but maybe someday I can catch up on all of my other projects and get it completely road worthy........

As with many others on this forum, I have tried to infect my wife with this Cruiser sickness, and to a certain extent, have succeeded. In June of 2005, I found a 97 LX450 that only had 65,000 miles on it!! That was the good news. The bad was that it didn't have lockers, and it was a salvage. I was expecting the worst, since in Illinois, a salvage title means that it was totalled or stolen. I soon learned that here in Iowa, it could have had as little as $3000 damage to it and been issued that title. So, I grabbed a buddy of mine that has redone salvage Volvo cars, and we checked it out. As much as we tried, we couldn't find anything major that would make me run, so I bought it. Haven't done much to it other than PM stuff, but someday (hopefuly soon) it'll be set up to do more than just haul the kids around. I've been toying with the idea of using it to haul the 40 around........

If any of you don't know already, this is by far the best forum for Toyota enthusiasts. The knowledge base here is amazing. I didn't know a lot about the 80 series, but I had no doubt that if I needed to do something to it, someone here had already done it and would be more than willing to help.

I'm very happy to see an Iowa TLCA chapter getting started up!! In fact, the idea has been floating around in my head for a while, as I see plenty of Cruisers in my area. I hope to be able to participate often in the new chapter. Thanks for getting this going!

40, 80, Civic (WinCE).JPG
Cruiser towing Saturn (1) (WinCE).JPG


Oct 25, 2004
Greg Overton

OK this is my installment. I'm Greg Overton. I live in Johnston, IA (burb of Des Moines) with my wife and three kids who have grown up in FJ40's. I'm not much into hard core wheeling because all the Land Cruisers I've had are so damned nice I would feel like crap if I screwed them up. Plus, I'm not a great driver when it comes to hard trails. I would prefer to drive an old logging road accross a few shallow streams to a favorite fishing hole!

My passion with Land Cruiser's and FJ40's in particular is restoring these vehicles to their original condition. My quest is for the perfect late model FJ40 with A/C and Power Steering that is totally stock down to the Dunlop Snow Cruisers. I've seen and owned some pretty amazing rigs but as time goes on they continue to get harder and harder to find and more and more expensive. I actually just inpected and drove a 1980 White FJ40 with 6,500 original miles. The owner wanted $60,000 for the Cruiser. The Cruiser still smelled new inside! I've owned about 50 vehicles in the last 10 years and continue to hang on to the first FJ40 I ever bought. A 1978 Smurf Blue Cruiser with Saginaw PS. I bought it in Cheyenne WY in 1995 from an elderly couple named Getrude and Ollie. I have a website you can visit here:

http://web.mac.com/gregoverton/iWeb/HLC/About Us.html
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Jan 4, 2007
Hello All,

My name is Chris Bohn. I live in Ankeny,Ia. I own a 75 FJ40 (Yes it is Red). Anyway, I am a new member with MIOBI and just last weekend got to meet Dingman!! I have also talked with Greg Overton regarding some parts!! What a small world!! It is nice to see Tall Corn Cruisers club. I hope I can make the Jan. meeting and meet more of you.
Jan 17, 2006
NE Ia.
Try LC ownership, AGAIN?

Geoff from N.E. Ia., Waterloo
Biggest toys were my 88 Honda NX650 I had since new, and my 86 GMC 1ton (w/o dually rears) for just about everything.
Simply put, wanted a 80's series for years, and ended up with an orig. owner 92 in Jan. 06 out of MI., ending up as one of those :) -:mad: relationships.

Had pleasure to meet Casey, purch. the winch it had (most likely, I owe him $$$). Had some great fun w/ veh., pulled our popup fine,
and 2 kids, Dog, and plenty of wood/gear, etc.

Ended up selling BOTH the LC and 1Ton in Fall of 06 to help fund a new garage, much more needed!! Best of ALL, didn't take a bath at all.
Well, the LC itch thing never went away, looked for a newer low milage w/ lockers, but funding limitations, etc.
They don't exist on my budget!!

Yet now again, found another low milage (97K) 92 FJ80, Gray w/ Gray leather, 2nd Owner, Tons of history, no rust, everything I really
experienced with the first one, but far better veh. at even less $ :D .
So, back in the sadle as they say :cool: . Plus, hey, i've now got a garage to boot!

Very interested in getting involved & AWSOME to see this IA. start-up. May just have a plain stock LC, but hey, it's an LC all the same.
Jan 18, 2007
London, KY
Hi I'm Butch Kindle from London, KY. In the early 70s I had a 70 fj40 and loved it. At that time I lived in Indiana. All my buddys had fj40s and had a blast. Always looking for a chalange. After moving to KY I just dodn't have much time to do the things I did in IN. I know KY has alot more to offer for off road but work got in the way so I sold it like an idiot. Now I have another. It ia a 78 fj40 but it in on Jack Stands. I bout it 2 years ago. As I find time I will be building it as I want. Yes it will take a lot of $$$$$$$$$ but that's my plan. Not going stock looking for all the upgrades I can find. I'm wanting to change the Suspension, Steering, Differentionals, Trans., top, bumpers, brakes, interior, paint, every thing that cost $$$$$. Won't take it off the stands till I have what I want.
Jan 4, 2007
Sorry for the late pic's!!! Here she is!!!
Congrats on the TLCA Official Club!!!!
Time for me to join!!!!
FJ40 001.jpg
FJ40 041.jpg
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Jan 7, 2005
Decatur, Tx
Hello everyone.

I was born in Des Moines we lived in Geenfield Plaza south of town. I graduated from Centerville high school in Centerville then left the country or at least moved to Texas. Iowa is a great place and I make it up as many times a year as I can, at least once sometime twice during Bow season you got to love Iowa deer.

It is great to see a club up there and good luck guys. :cheers:

Feb 16, 2007
Solon, Iowa
Hello all. I am Dave Ashton and live in Solon. Just moved here a couple years ago from way down south in Iowa City. New to this website, and obviously not too techno savy as I posted pics of my cruisers on my own intro page before I saw this one. I bought my first cruiser about 6 or 7 years ago....a 66 FJ45 lwb. Then I happened upon a 55 in TX, a 40 in GA...didnt plan on having three but I do! I actually had a 62 for a short time as well. I am actually trying to sell my 55 and am in the market for an HJ47. Anyway, while I love my cruisers I havent done any restoration work on them, just engine maintenance. Not sure where to get started on the whole resto process so any pointers, suggestions, warnings, etc., appreciated. I want to get my FJ45 going before the rust takes over too bad, and the 40 is another project, mainly body work. It is a good bet I have a cold beer in the fridge so stop by if you are in the area. You'll be able to find my place...its the one with the cruiser in the driveway:D

Apr 2, 2007

Hello, My name is Chad I live in Johnston. I've been a member of TLCA for about a year now, but not active. I have been more involved with TTORA since 2001. But since most of the members of that club are out of state I fugured it was finally time to get the ball rolling and join this clubs Iowa chapter.

I mostly like to go out west and explore. I have explored Utah, and Colorado mostly. But also have done some exploring in Arizona, California, Washington, and parts of Hawaii. Hawaii is obviously hard to drive my Toyota to so I had to use a Jeep rental, and a Mt Bike. ;p Mt Biking, and road biking are my other hobbies or should I say passions. I plan on doing a the black hills cruiser classic in July, and my annual Moab trip this fall with my freinds from TTORA it will be my 5th trip to Moab! Also a few trips to Arkansas.

I look forward to meeting new people, and reuniting with old freinds within this club in the future.

Below are a few pics of my 2001 Tacoma. :cheers:

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Apr 8, 2007
Des Moines, Iowa USA
My name is John and live in Des Moines, I have a 85 toy p/u with 4" of lift and 33" tires, rusty rims (thats not a brand). This has been a slow work in prgress, although I am getting there. Plan is to drive to Central America and in the spring of 2008.:grinpimp: But I have alot more work to do on it!!!!!!!!!!!! I would post up photos but haven't figured out how to to it yet********huh just figured it out, you should see the smoke coming out of my ears right now!!!!!!!!!
mar07 005.jpg
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Rescuer of Beagles & Landcruisers
Mar 31, 2006
Central California
Hello All

I'm originally from Fort Madison, IA. I got my first rig in 1982 and it was a flatfender MB-2A willys. I later moved up to a CJ-7 with a V-8 riding on 38's. Some middle aged man going through a crisus offered me stupid money for it so now he owns it. I then bought a brand new 88 4x4 SR5 Extended Cab. First year for the V-6. I drove it unitl it had 280k miles on it. I traded it in in a 95 GMC 3/4 extended cab 4x4.

I move to California in 96 do to a job. I then bought a 82-CJ8 and restored it. My wife took it from me. I went out and bought a stock 76 FJ40. I think I've had every bolt out of that thing at one time or another.

Here's a few picture of when i bought it and the way it looks now.

Let me know if you club ever decides to come to CA. I live just outside the Seqouia National Forest, the three rivers enterance. You all can crash at my place. I generally do the Rubicon once a year. My 4x4 club trys to have monthly 4 wheel drive runs.

Here are some pics of my 76 FJ 40.
Jan 21, 2007

hello` all im new on the board. currently working on a 1975 tlc wiring in specific using painless wiring kit (not exactly):)
Oct 20, 2006
Atkins, Iowa
hello` all im new on the board. currently working on a 1975 tlc wiring in specific using painless wiring kit (not exactly):)
If you are around CR let me know I can come and help, For I am an Electrical Wiz.

NOT But I have been into a lot of Cruiser wires.
Jul 18, 2007
San Diego, CA
What's up, everybody!

I'm Jamie - I know a lot of you guys already, as I've been at (what is now known as) the Tall Corn Classic for the last 2 years in a row, and I'll be there again this year. I FINALLY got around to getting a TLCA membership, and I'm starting to stray away from TTORA more lately, so I figured I'd say hi.

For those of you who might not know me - here's my rig:

...For those of you who DO know me - I ain't 2WD anymore! :cool:

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