Synthetic ATF

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Mar 30, 2003
What's the consensus (if any) on synthetic ATF? I've heard that the advantage of better performance at extreme temps is offset by the increased likelihood of leaks and also that synthetic ATF decreases friction compared to conventional ATF, and so does not provide the correct friction needed for clutch packs. Opinions?
Sythetic has better tempurature stability and is less likely to varnish. As far as how slipper, I know that redline puts friction modifiers in their oil to keep the friction properties correct for the clutches. Leaks, and old myth. Finally, I have always had conserns about doing a full flush and fluid replacement on a car with old fluid, it seems to break stuff loose and cause potential transmission problems.

FWIW I'm doing a drain-fill today during an oil change and this will be syth. (Mobil1 of course). It's the second drain-fill with synth. for the rig.

'They' say you don't have to flush so I'm slowly moving the tranny to synth. The motor is still dino but everything else is Mobil1.

Doesn't make any perceptible difference in driving/towing on my rig to my calibrated a$$ or that of the wifey-poo.

I've also been doing drain and fills with Mobil 1 every 10k. I did have alot of slow reverse and ratcheting which I haven't noticed lately at all. Can't say for sure it's the oil but I'll continue doing them.
I just did my first ATF flush last weekend -- got 6 quarts out up on ramps -- will do another one soon -- I wish they sold Mobil 1 ATF at Wal-Mart!

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