Swingout Tire Carriers

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Sep 16, 2004
I need a little schooling here, is the carrier on the right an early 25 model or a 40 carrier with a 25 bracket...the one on the right has different hinges, is missing that curved inner support, looks like it used a jump seat bottom rubber bumper in the lower corner, lower edge not cut out like some 40 carriers, has proper 25 bracket (no washers on studs, shorter than a 40 bracket)...it came on a 1959 FST with dropdown gate and was added as an afterthought it seems, no braces in the right rear quarter sheet metal.

The one on the left came off of Poser's 1960 HT, and it is the same as Eric's 60HT
The one on the left came off of Poser's 1960 HT, and it is the same as Eric's 60HT

this one has later looking (Poser's) brackets:

:lol: :lol: Sorry to laugh. Pretty soon we should just call them all Phil's FJ25. ;)

I'm no help here, as far as carriers go. :rolleyes:

The later Poser looking pictures are of Eric/Phil's 25.

All US imported FST models from Japan had the side tire carrier as far as I know. The 59 has a tailgate not barn doors.?. If it was that would make it from South America which would expand alot. Didn't your South America 25 have a rear tire carrier? What is it like? I had the pictures saved of that one from before you owned it, but they are lost now. I don't have rear tire carriers from a 25 but I do have a couple early Fj40 with the fixed pad in the upper corner install of the adjustable bolt and pad on the later ones. I am going back up north again this weekend. I like you know what I find.

The 59 that the weird tire carrier came of of is a "North American Factory Soft Top Drop Down Tail Gate with filled in Side Mounted Spare Tire Bracket holes", some Prior Owner added the weird Tire Carrier...the South Amercan Factory Soft Top has Swing Out Tail Gate with Side Mounted Spare Tire Bracket except the Spare Tire Bracket is a South American spec piece and missing....clear?:D Anyway, pick which one you want, John, and I'll try to get it to you before 2008! (The Pony Express nag is slower than me)
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OK, stand down, false alarm...upon very close examination the weird one turns out to be a very good hand made copy (or Mr T's first prototype). Somebody went through a Lot of effort with the hand made hinges and well bent heavy steel only to put an original latch and bracket on...
I forgot how the rig looked with the top off. Pretty cool :).
Phil was there any sign of the brackets spot welded to the tub for the side tire carrier? I wonder if Mr. T parts prices were that high way back when to make it worth while to go to all that work. I remember back in 74 when I want to get a tire carrier for my 68 the price was ridiculously high. I ended up buying a whole tire carrier out of a junk yard for $15. The guy must have had connection with a metal shop with a heavy brake to go to that much to move the tire carrier. Kinda like all the work someone went thru to install the Torsen in the rear axle of a 25. The C clips can't be installed in the rear end so they made hubs that a bearing pressed in, then press the axle on to the bearing. Then convert the brakes to early FJ40 and have the brake drum and brake shoe line up. Just seems like alot of work for a one time deal.

If you have a spare tire carrier I could buty that would be great. Maybe give me a reason to drive up to CM07. My white onehas the tire carrier removed. Now I have to decided to mount it on the side or the back. Of course if it goes on the back I would have to mount the Toyota emblem on the driver's side of the tailgate.


PS My head is still spinning from trying to figure out post #6
Yep, alot of work...he must have been from Arizona or something:doh:

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