Sway bar end links?

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Jan 5, 2022
North of Seattle
Got underneath the rig today to inspect and found this broken. Pretty sure this is a sway bar end link. Just wanted to confirm and get some input on replacement. Oem? Anyone have any hood suggestions I’m open. As good or better than OeM.

Those look like a victim of the rust monster. Just hit oriellys
Done and done! Was at Advanced auto parts this morning when they opened the doors. They had a set on the shelf. I got an 11 am for tires so I replaced that one this morning. When I get home I’ll pull it all out and replace both plus the two that hold the sway bar to the chasis. Thanks. Any idea how tight or torque specs. I’m finding a bunch of info but seams a few conflicting things. 14 on the top nut where the link connects to sway and 51 I believe where it comes nexts to the chasis. I screen shotted this this morning.

I just installed these on my 4th gen.

Well, it wasn’t pretty for a hot minute. Took way to long but I got her done. Advanced auto had a set in stock. Went ahead and got them and installed them. Now I can figure out springs and shocks. I figure I may have to change them out anyways later. I was in a time crunch. Installed with the energy suspension bushings. Did the steering rack bushings as well. Used every tool I got. It was a sh*t show. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Will be posting next about body roll and advice on path forward.



I just installed these on my 4th gen.

I seen these as I was searching. Was looking for an article explaining lift/ sway bar/ end links and how they effect each other. Just got the truck and need to determine if it’s stock height. Determine if I will lift it if it is, and what parts will need to change if I do. They sure don’t make threading that top nut of the end link easy. I mean how much for a few extra threads? 😂

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