Swapping out H55F input shaft's for 13BT ????

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Nov 17, 2006
just moved to cairns , Qld
I have a H55F gearbox from a series 60 that had a "H" series diesel infron of it , I will be building a 13BT in the coming months & wondering if it is possible to swap out the input shafts to suit the 13BT ( from shorter heavy spline to longer fine spline shaft ) ???

spoke to landcruiser wrecker last weekend & he reckn's it's not possible with some of them , 1st i heard about that !
yeah, should be possible.
people swap out the b-series input so they can run the h55f behind a 2F...so it should work the other way around as well

A buddy here swap the input from a H55H with 2H to match the 3B turbo that it had .. the issue is not recomended coz the teeth inside the tranny have a diferent wear .. but Actually he's haven't any issue with the tranny ..
the wear issue is probably the same as in bearings...not everything wears exactly the same..
wonder why they wear differently ? is it purelly about the input length factor or different torgue ratings of the each engine ?

It's something like a ring and pinion .. you can swap ( ok you could do but you know aren't your best bet ) one pinion from a one set and mix it with ring coming from another set ..

It's the same here ..
A bit like wearing 2 different boots on your feet of the same size then -lol wonder what parts you have to change for it to like when they left the factory ?

I'm now dropp'n this possible input change & just gettn a rebuilt box & t/case off a felow member on this site ( his dropped project ) , save me the hassle of building it . gettn rid of this box ( H ) series now .

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