Swapping out damage multiplier for blueberry. Weight questions....

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Aug 23, 2015
Bozeman, MT
Im well aware that a brush guard hardly guards anything when it comes to a real collision. I have mine bc at first i loved it and its a sweet mount for my lights...that being said, im a guy who likes to do things right. I want a slee blueberry bumper (line-x'ed, of course.)

Im trying to justify the weight of the blueberry bumper compared to my brush guard and stock front inner and outer bumpers. I want to just get the bumper with no winch. My truck drives great now and im wondering if installing the blueberry will force me to upgrade my stock suspension? I've also got slee tube sliders on there now... I want to avoid aftermarket shock/suspension for now...Thanks for any input!!

Have you performed a torsion bar lift in the front? If not you should have more than enough adjustment to keep the same ride height with a blueberry installed.

Do you do a lot of off-roading where you encounter rocks or large berms on forest service roads? If you do, that expensive line-x coating won't last long.
I have a blueberry, no winch, with stock t-bars and OME nitrocharger shocks and it's fine.

865s in the rear, and I cranked the t-bars up front to compensate for the lift. There's a roughly 1.5" rake.

As far as the bumper weight is concerned - no issues. A winch would obviously change that.

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