Swapped 8" rear to 8.2 w/ARB, now how to turn off dash lights

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Oct 1, 2009
Panhandle Floriduh
Looking for info on how to turn off the Christmas tree lights on my dash after doing this swap.
I have to fool the computer to think e locker is still there and all is working fine.
Anyone done this that can help?

Thanks BirdMan
Your old housing has a detent sensor on top of the third member that detected when the elocker was engaged. I had that sensor go bad on my OEM e-locked 8" and it disabled the 4WD and lit up the dash. I suspect you have to reintroduce it back into the equation, but I don't have any details on how to accomplish that.
Agreed... I am sure it's just a matter of ( + & - ). An electrical thing. Ground something to fool the computer, but what. How???

Plugged the e locker back in to fiddle with the detent sensor to see how it worked electrically. After about what seemed like a hundred trips from the chair to the floor, to the chair, to the cab and back to the floor.... It was the damn wheel speed sensor the whole time. :bang:
@Floridabronco , HEY buddy long time... Yes the 8.2 was an upgrade in like 2010. The ring & pinion are much beefier than the early 8".
I was going thru thirds and just got tired of it. I also disliked how the E-locker was a moody bitch, :grinpimp: and wanted to go with air.
Hope things are good with ya bro.

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