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Jan 27, 2004
Los Angeles
guys, I saw this on another site that I belong to:

I was in 4 Wheel Parts in Azusa today and I was asked if the [insert other club name here] would be interested in participating in a swap meet at their store the third Saturday in June. 4 Wheel Parts would provide the place and some advertising, and members of various clubs from the area would bring their surplus parts. 4 Wheel Parts would not charge anything for this. They suggested that each club would set up a sun shade and signs if they wanted. It sounds like this is still up in the air and going ahead with it will depend on the response. So think about all those parts hiding in corners of your garage and let me know if you would be interested in doing this, and I will get back to them.

Since this idea was discussed over Korean food a few weeks back, I thought some here might be interested.

I'll still be in Ireland then, but maybe some of you could do this?

That's a GREAT lead Dana! Thanks for posting it.

My .02. I don't think our club can mobilize fast enough to put up a canopy, and there might be some kind of 'turf' issue since we were never notified DIRECTLY about it.

But at the very least a few of us should go check it out, get a feel for the logistics, and consider approaching a closer 4wheelParts location about doing one [if the Azusa one works out] We would obviously have the advantage of telling the closer 4WP store to contact Azusa for event feedback.

Frank, Joey, you reading this?
Yeah i read it last night. Kinda puts the OC thing to rest I think judging by its proximity to the IE. But its a good idea. There is also another show happening that I just saw on Events section. I'll add the link when I find it.

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